Useful Templates for Product Management

A list of templates that are useful for product managers, including product roadmap templates and requirements templates.

Product Roadmapping Templates

Product roadmaps are one of the most effective tools for product managers. A good product roadmap can help companies increase their customer base, and plan out future projects more effectively. Use these templates to create the right roadmaps for your company.

Shared Google sheets template for Product Roadmapping:

Product Roadmap template for Powerpoint

Product Roadmap template for Keynote and Powerpoint

Requirements templates

Requirements management consists of many steps. No matter what your procedure is, it’s best to have set templates to ensure all team members work the same way. Here are a few templates you can use to manage your requirements.

Many types of templates are available from the following site, including:

  • A requirements template for Excel
  • A program requirements document template for Microsoft Word
  • systems requirement template for Microsoft Word
  • sample template for web-based application scope and requirements for Microsoft Word


    The following site has various MS Word templates for:

  • As-is process
  • To-be process
  • Functional Matrix
  • Use case
  • Scenario modeling
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Data templates
  • MI requirements
  • Correspondence requirements


    Templates for product management

    The 280 group offers a variety of templates and toolkits in their product store that are suitable for use at any point in the product management cycle. Their stock includes a Product Launch Toolkit, a Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit, a Product Roadmapping Toolkits, and more.