Product Management Methodologies and Frameworks

Here is a list of product management frameworks and systems, that product managers can apply to have a more systematic approach to their craft.

The Pragmatic Marketing Framework

The Pragmatic Marketing Framework is one that takes 37 activities that are essential for for all stages of product management and development, organizes them into a “grid’ and makes them easy to understand and implement. Many companies use this framework to make their product management and development processes more market-driven.

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The Seven Pillars of Product Management

The seven pillars of product management is more of an approach than a methodology. It helps all members of any product team have better visibility and get work done faster. The seven “pillars” are: Market sensing, problem definition, opportunity definition, feature definition, roadmap definition, requirement definition and launch definition. These pillars are solved using new methodologies for market sizing, gathering customer feedback, prioritizing R&D investments, writing market and product requirements, ranking features, defining roadmaps and building launch plans.

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PTMK Action Model

The PTMK Action Model is a framework devised by Blackblot, and taught in their Strategic Product Manager course. This framework goes through the process and phases of working with product planning tasks in conjunction with product marketing ones. Blackblot provides technology companies with tools and services that aim to make product planning and product marketing easier. The PTMK Action Model is used with The Blockbot Product Manager’s Toolkit.

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