Product Management Consultants

Here is a list of some well known product management consulting groups who can work with you to help improve your product management processes.

The 280 Group

Located in the Silicon Valley, CA, The 280 Group is product management and product marketing consulting and training firm. They aim to help companies increase their customer experience and profit. Theirservices include consulting, contractors, training, and certifications. They also provide templates and books.

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Blackblot’s expertise lies within technology products. They provide product planning and product marketing tools and services to technology companies. They offer a variety of educational material, courses, certifications, and a toolkit for their own product management framework. Blackblot has representatives in the United States, Europe, Asia, the UK, and Israel.

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Product Focus

Product Focus helps companies bring the right products to market. The provide private training and public courses. They also conduct reviews and assessments and provide interim and consultancy resource to help companies deliver the best products.

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Brainmates helps their clients deliver customer-centric products using a flexible product management framework. They provide training solutions for a variety of toptics related to product management such as Agile, business case management and stakeholder relationships.

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Pragmatic Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing is known worldwide as a trusted name in the product management field. They provide courses led by leading product managers who teach from experience. All their courses involve working with the Pragmatic Marketing principles. They also provide templates and tools to support working with their approach.

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